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Please be aware that InterSeC, (ISC)²'s forum and job board site for members, non-members, and the public, will be permanently shut down on April 30, 2016. (ISC)² was notified by the company that owns and runs the InterSeC platform about changes that will affect service. In light of these changes, (ISC)² has opted to terminate the service, while alternative solutions are being researched. If you have questions about InterSeC, please contact

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InterSec Community Requirements

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  • This site is for professionals within application and information security. Membership is not open for vendors or individuals wishing to sell a product or service.
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  1. This site is for professionals within application and information security. Membership is not open for vendors or individuals wishing to sell a product or service.
  2. Be respectful and civil to other community members and guests, even in disagreement.
  3. Vulgar, profane, or sexually graphic content (posts, member names, subject lines, images, etc.) is not allowed.
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  11. Discussing your community experience or that of a competitor, both positive and negative is acceptable, but excessively abusive language is not. Also keep in mind that excessively negative comments about an individual or company can be considered defamatory and subject you to legal action. Think before you write.
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